In our long effort to become more Biblical and Confessional in our ecclesiology, we have recently (March, 2018) entered into the status of Affiliate Relations with the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly in the first formal step of seeking to join the denomination.


PURITAN– The name ‘Puritan’ is borrowed from the nickname given to Reformed ministers in 17th century England, who sought to purify the visible church from that which was contrary to the Holy Scriptures. Based on the work of many before them, the Puritans gave us as a heritage the King James Version of the Bible (agreed to by King James in God’s gracious providence). In particular, we are Presbyterians, the major and most influential group joining the Puritan assembly from 1643 to 1649 to produce the Westminster Confession of Faith, which they adopted as their own, as we still do.  In short, we are Reformed in theology and doctrine, Presbyterian in government and practice, and Confessional in profession and witness.

EVANGELICAL – We are a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God. We hold to all of its truths. For example we believe that the sinner must be born again.

OF AMERICA – Our church, while rooted in the Puritanism of 17th century England, is actually an American church. It was started here in the United States of America in 1972 here in Paradise Hills of San Diego, CA. Our church is not some imported cult, but springs out of the mainstream of historical, Protestant, Reformed, Presbyterian, Confessional, and Evangelical Christianity.