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Grant Van Leuven
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Malcolm D. Maxwell
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Ron Renner
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Our church is ruled and served by a plurality of elders (a Session), of which the pastor is one (though as a function of his separate and third ministerial office) – this form of church government, which the Bible clearly teaches, is called Presbyterian (we are in the process of seeking its logical extension from the local church level by endeavoring to be yoked with a Presbytery/denomination, per Acts 15 and Westminster Confession of Faith Chapter 31).  For a list of qualifications for elders, see Exodus 18 (and also Paul’s first letter to Timothy, and his letter to Titus, though these are speaking more directly to the office of minister).

Elders are responsible for overseeing all aspects of church life and protecting her holiness as Christ’s beautiful bride.  One of the terms that best describes the work of an elder is “shepherding”, as we are told by the Lord Jesus Christ to prove we love Him by feeding His sheep, which involves instruction and counseling through the Word, discipleship, visitation, discipline, and prayer.  Elders assist the minister (who also has a ruling function in his office) in ministering to spiritual needs of Church members reflecting Christ's preaching ministry while incarnate on earth.  Psalm 103:3a: "Who forgiveth all thine iniquities ..."

Deacons are an office of mercy ministry service designated in Acts 6 to meet the physical needs of Church members as able and reflecting the healing ministry of Christ's incarnate work on earth. Psalm 103:3b: "... who healeth all thy diseases."

Due to the generosity of private donations of our members, we have a nice pantry to provide canned food goods, houseware items, and clothing and other items for adults, children, and babies.  If you have need, please contact us and ask to meet with our active deacon.

Our policy is to meet and determine the needs and then bring items from the pantry.  We are not able to provide monetary support.  If you or someone you know has need for such material assistance, please feel free to contact us to explore if we can be of help!

While all officers in the church are primarily to serve our covenanted members, we of course are eager to minister the Gospel and material needs to our community as well.