SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe following pages are offered to help you know more about our main doctrines and practices.  The Westminster Standards are the most important reference, but the Articles and Media and Useful Links pages also will be of service for more developed works on many distinctions or emphases.  Please note that these additional references are from myriad sources that we often have much in common with, but not always on every topic.  As well, they by no means are exhaustive by category–we will continue to add what comes up as necessary or helpful.  Please call or email the Pastor if you would like to know what our stance is on a particular issue that may not be mentioned within these pages.

Also relevant to share here: In our long effort to become more Biblical and Confessional in our ecclesiology, we have recently (March, 2018) entered into the status of Affiliate Relations with the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly in the first formal step of seeking to join the denomination.