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for the Sabbath!

Click this Link to Bulletin (Inside) for this LORD’s Day, May 24, 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT: due to the recent increase in the strictness of government regulations related to the corona virus, our Session has determined as of March 21 to begin having our worship services through online webcasts on our SermonAudio page.  We deem this as a necessary, temporary thing for an unusual time and do not see online worship as an appropriate long-term way of having church and public assemblies of worshipping God on His holy day. 

Click here is a letter to the Church explaining our thinking. Or,  click here to read our recent article on

Here is the information about how to join us for worship online or a phone line (audio only) on the Lord’s Day:

*Go to: When we are live you will see the video on the top of this page.  Click on it and it will begin to stream.
*On our home page ( the live stream should hopefully be imbedded and “auto play” once you open that page.
*For those you know who may not use smart phones or computers and the internet, you can let them know to call this SermonAudio phone number: 712-432-3410.  Once dialed in, the person will need to type our SA code: 53205.   

Join in simple, pure, conservative, Reformed, Biblical worship with your covenant family TOGETHER, led by Presbyterian elders. Sit under Biblical, passionate preaching in the style of the Puritans.

Lord’s Day (Sunday) Service:
Sabbath School, 9:30-10:15 AM: Presently using a video series by R.C. Sproul on What Did Jesus Do, led by Elder Malcolm Maxwell
Morning Worship, 10:30 AM:  Presently Preaching through the Book of Numbers [just finished; we will go through Matthew in morning and evening for a brief time before beginning Deuteronomy in the morning as we resume the with the Pentateuch together]
Evening Worship, 5:30 PM: Presently Preaching through the Gospel of Matthew
Teaching and Memorization Time, 6:45 P.M.: brief study through sections of the Westminster Standards and memory work on supporting Scripture
Weekly Lord’s Supper (after Evening Service and Teaching Time), 7 P.M.: Communicant Members of PECA partake after every evening service. Visitors who are baptized and covenanted communicant members participating in good standing within an evangelical church may partake after first visiting with the elders to share about their faith, fellowship, and understanding of the Lord’s Supper. Elders are available to meet following morning worship or before evening worship upon request.
Food and Fellowship in the Fireside Room, Following Evening Worship, 7:30 P.M.

Wednesday Night Prayer and Bible Study
Psalm Sing and Prayer Meeting, 6:30 PM to 8 PM.  We are presently going through Sam Crabtree’s book, Practicing Affirmation: God-Centered Praise of Those Who Are Not God.