Purity of Worship

What to Expect at Worship

It is helpful to know what to expect in worship as a first-time visitor. First, you should know that we keep it simple as New Testament worship should be. This keeps us mainly to the reading, preaching, and singing of God’s Holy Word. There is no offering, but you may give to God’s work at our church in boxes at the back of the sanctuary. And we sing only the Bible’s own, God-inspired hymnal — the collected Psalms, using the Comprehensive Psalter (Blue Banner Books) which puts them to meter for ease in our language and time. Many of the psalms are set to commonly known tunes. As well, we sing without instruments as the Old Testament temple system has been replaced, and we sing now with the instruments of our hearts in the Spirit as Christ’s spiritual temple (Ephesians 5:19). This message here is not a theological explanation of our worship practice, but is simply shared so that you know what to expect when you visit us. See our articles and media resources page for theological presentations of acapella psalmody, the Regulative Principle related to purity of worship, and other important topics.  For a quick explanation, watch this brief video: Purity of Worship by Pastor Jeff Stivason (produced by PECA’s Pastor Grant Van Leuven during his internship at Grace RPC in Gibsonia, PA).

We do highlight here that this practice has been the worship practice of the church from Biblical times through most of its history, and only recently has changed in many churches along with the times. Purity of worship as God wants it is simply right and refreshing for His saints.