Our Library

More than one thousand volumes of Puritan and Reformed literature!

The mission of the Puritan Reformed Presbyterian Church Library is to foster personal and group discipleship in the Lord Jesus by providing professionally organized and easily referenced printed and audio-visual resources primarily in the Calvinist and Puritan traditions for the edification of its members and the advancement of Christ’s kingdom.

Our people enjoy access to a treasure of more than 1,000 volumes of classic Puritan, Presbyterian, and Reformed works, as well as scholarly gems and modern books, CDs, and videos.  The collection is a gathering over the years of previous Pastor Wallace Bell’s (30 years) private library, and donations from member Dorothy Henyon (now with the Lord), the Trinity Foundation, and other individuals.  Many of the books of Pastor Bell’s collection came in boxes straight from England over the years.

Some highlights of our diverse library include Calvin’s Institutes, Commentaries, and Tracts and Letters (seven volumes), the complete works of Thomas Manton and Benjamin Warfield, Charles Spurgeon’s collected sermons, and many books about the theology and work of the Westminster Standards (to name just a few!).

Member Sylvia Mettler began organizing and cataloging our resources, and previous librarian, Debbie Bivens, further systematized and labeled the works for ease of access. Miss Rachel and Miss Olivia Van Leuven now serve as our volunteer librarians.  They are in the process of re-organizing the shelving and system to make it even more helpful to our members and visitors.  They hope to also develop an online search tool for all to easily scroll through our resources.  Thanks to Rev. Thomas Reid, retired librarian for Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, for his guidance through this process!

Sections include: a children’s library, a women’s section, biographies, bibliographies, missions, Bible commentaries, systematic theology, historical theology, church history, parenting and family life, and many reference materials.