Daniel Diet Devotion

Van Leuven Family Devotion for Start Date of Gerson Therapy Protocol
Encouragement for Mommy’s healing and for our own health improvement and safety
July 20, 2016

Creation’s Diet Design Extended through the Flood:

  • Psalm 139:14-15: we are fearfully and wonderfully made (designed, thus so would naturally be our food; just like any machine, it’s fuel is carefully designed for it to work properly to thrive and avoid breaking down).
  • Genesis 1:11-12, 26-27, 29; 2:8-9, 16-17: vegetables/fruit/grain were designed and only provided/permitted for man’s food before the Fall, not meat; so they must all have everything we need in them with a balanced diet of them. We can (as is scientifically demonstrated) get all the protein we need in vegetables, fruits, and grains (with a proper balanced diet) by their design for us. If we needed meat, we would have been eating it in the Garden of Eden before the Fall. We may eat meat for now, but we were not always allowed to and we were not designed to need meat. Our digestive tracks are designed especially for “pulse”, which we can immediately digest and get all that is in it (unlike meat). We may eat meat, but we do not need meat. What we have been learning is we can help our immune system work against cancer and disease the way God designed it to work when we properly fuel it (modern depletion contributes greatly to our weak immune systems, but we have been learning how to reverse this by remembering what Charlotte Gerson said: “The cure is in the cause.”).
  • Romans 6:23: death is a result of sin; so we won’t eat meat in heaven, nor did we before sin.
  • Genesis 9:3-4: meat is only mentioned with permission by God for His people to eat after the Flood (with a clear allusion to the Garden and only having permission to eat plant-based foods before the Fall). This change would in part at least set up the Tabernacle/Temple system of ceremonial types of the Lamb of God and the Lord’s Supper.

Daniel’s Diet Healthier Compared to the King’s:

Dan. 1:1-16:

  • 15-16: Daniel and his friends were healthier than the others based on each of their diets
  • King’s “meat” – Hebrew, “fine food”; vs. 15, Keil and Delitzsch say that the idea of the Hebrew word is “fat well nourished in flesh”, the food of the pagan King and most of those being prepared to advise him (all, including Daniel and his friends, considered wise “scientists” per vs. 4).
  • Daniel’s “pulse” – the Hebrew word means “vegetables (or seed or grain)”; had with water to drink (vs. 12); this was Daniel’s diet.
  • 15: ten days is all it took to see a difference of improved health and quite a contrast (Daniel’s diet provided observably superior health: we have already been seeing a difference in Mommy and our health in a week or two of pre-protocol efforts, and her weight gain rather than continual loss for the first time in 7 months! Several of us and others in our church have commented on how we are already feeling less pain and ailments from drinking juice and eating closer to Mommy’s new diet.). So the King’s caregiver of the wise men in training changed everyone’s diet to Daniel’s because it had an obvious and significant health benefit (a sign this was not a miracle, but how God designed our bodies and “pulse” for our bodies).

This is not a study on the lawfulness of certain foods (see Lev. 11; Acts 10; 1 Tim. 4:4-5 to confirm we may eat meat from the Flood until Heaven). The focus here is the difference in health results by each diet. The vegetarian and water diet made healthier people, thus is was more than sufficient but also superior for a balanced and maximized diet. While the focus of the text of Daniel 1 is broader (giving a witness of God’s care for His people and maintaining a distinction as his people trusting in His design to sustain us rather than being assimilated into the pagans with their gods) this was not a miracle like the manna in Exodus, but a witness to the true Creator and His design of and provision for us.

Matthew Henry on vs. 16: “People will not believe the benefit of avoiding excess, and of a spare diet, nor how much they contribute to the health of the body, unless they try. Conscientious temperance will always do more, even for the comfort of this life, than sinful indulgence.”

See also the latter parts of the Westminster Larger Catechism Q&A 135 and 136 regarding “sober use” and “immoderate use” regarding the Sixth Commandment.

Heaven’s Diet:

Revelation 2:7; 22:2. No more eating meat in heaven, but of the Tree of Life, just like in Eden before the Fall, because death is the result of sin. Animals must die to be eaten, and this will never happen in heaven (Old Testament prophecies allude to predators and prey lying together in peace and life). Further, The Lord’s Supper changed from meat to bread (for fulfilled typological reasons, but still something worth considering with The Great Supper of the Lamb in Revelation). We will eat in the Eternal Garden what was designed for us in the Typological Garden based on how we were designed, and the effects of sin will no longer offer a temporary exception to that rule (let alone need).

Psalm 8:1, 5-6, 9.