Face Your Fears to Conquer Them

For Lord’s Day, December 25, 2011

Dear Saints,

Face your fears this week saying the following verse five times in the morning when you wake, five times at your lunch break, and five times before you go to bed.

    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.(Phi 4:13)

Look into the mirror the first few times.  Look into the sky the next few times.  And if you are struggling to trust God with something specific and acute currently, say it loudly at your moments of greatest doubt and temptation.

I’m not suggesting this idea as a magic self-help, feel-good behavioralistic formula.  What I am suggesting is that you will internalize and believe it more and thus serve Christ and His body better.  I submit that you don’t believe this verse like you could.  Pray over how you’re dealing with life this week and see if you think I’m mistaken.

It has been noted that the more one says something or hears something, the more they believe it.  Say things enough, and people believe (even if it’s a lie).  And we act on what we believe.  We see that principal at work in the political races going on.  How about we apply it to the Truth in how we run our race together in and for Christ this week?  It could be a much more exciting and victorious life together that gives the Lord of Glory more glory — if we believed more in Christ to get us through, and didn’t turn to other things that don’t help us, actually.

Believing is seeing, beloved.  Help yourself actualize this truth more by actually saying it outloud in prayer.  See if it doesn’t actually change your life for the better, and thus the lives around you.  The Spirit works in you through His Word, and this week, He is reminding you that you can do all things through Jesus Christ which strengtheneth you.  Frankly, during this oppressive holiday season, many of us need that reminder!

Semper Reformanda,

Pastor Grant