Make it a Meaningful Ritual

Dear Saints,

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper tomorrow evening.  Please prepare your souls with these thoughts from Gordon J. Keddie in his book, The Lord’s Supper is a Celebration of Grace:

“There is nothing more miserable in the life of the church than a cold, dead use of the means of grace … We must grasp that this is to be no mere ritual, but a solemn and vital act of faith in which God in Christ is present to work in us both to will and to do of his good pleasure.”

The best way to prepare ourselves against empty ritual (ritual is an important part of religion, but it can be void of life depending on how we follow it), is to come whole heartedly remembering and recognizing with eyes of faith that, 

“In the Supper, we face Jesus and he confronts us.”

Just as we’ve seen in the study of The Revelation, Jesus walks in the midst of the candlesticks, the visible churches.  He will be right there with us, hosting the Supper, encouraging us that His sacrifice has fully satisfied the Father’s justice on our behalf, and showing us that we must be fully satisfied with Him and His Church.  The evening message will encourage us to do what is meant to be nourished in the Supper: “Be content with godliness.”

When you come to the Supper tomorrow night, come with reverence and joy for your Savior, Who will be there meeting with you to feed your faith with Himself while you wait for His return for you.