Pastor Wallace A. Bell — 30 Years of Sermons Going from Cassettes to SermonAudio MP3s!

Dear Saints,

I am happy to announce that we have begun to slowly convert audio cassettes “in-house” into digital form of sermons recorded during the 33-year ministry of the beloved Rev. Wallace A. Bell here at what is now called the Puritan Reformed Presbyterian Church (PRPC) to make his strong, Biblical preaching available to new generations of Christians.  We are pleased to do so at this time especially as Pastor Bell turned 90 years old this year.

The first digitized sermons by Pastor Bell completed are part of a two-part series, “Christians Must Show Unity, Bravery, and Humility,” based on Philippians 1:27-2:2, which he preached here on November 21 and 28 in 1999 (the year I began seminary in my mid twenties to continue for about a decade!).  Also, a sermon on Psalm 117 for a Thanksgiving Day service entitled, “Two Reasons for Praising the Lord,” preached on November 27, 1975 (I was a year and eight months old at the time!), has been converted and uploaded.  We have kept the whole worship service included in the files as they were on the cassette tapes for these messages (some of you might hear yourselves singing!).  For future messages we will likely trim in editing to only the sermon and its Scripture reading and prayer that follows for quicker access to the messages.

Sermons and lectures will be uploaded to series folders by subject or book of the Bible as much as possible for convenient grouping and searching.  The next series that will begin going up is a short one we’re calling, “Studies on Satan,” which nicely overlaps our study of the sixth petition of the Lord’s Prayer with Thomas Watson on Wednesday nights together considering how much he teaches and warns us about Satan’s sly, subtle, and dangerous tempting in his book (The Lord’s Prayer).  We also will be organizing Pastor Bell’s series on John 17 and Hebrews next to begin sharing as time permits.  As well, we plan to soon upload the 1991 lecture on the Textus Receptus (related to our using the KJV of the Bible) by Dr. Ted Letis (who is now with the Lord): sounds like the church was packed that night! (I graduated high school the following spring!)

You can go to and see recent posts of these sermons, or click on the “Sermons” tab there and filter by “speaker” and “select speaker” and choose Pastor Bell in the drop down list, or go straight to

Please alert folks who you think would like to know about this new development and opportunity to listen to Pastor Bell again or for the first time!

May God use these sermons to honor Pastor Bell’s faithful ministry of “the faith once delivered” to the saints here, and to minister to others throughout the world as they become accessible to new generations online.

Semper Reformanda,

Pastor Grant

PS: If anyone would like to help us hire a company to convert thousands of these tapes of Pastor Bell’s messages and make them available at a much quicker and thorough pace, please donate online to the effort or in the giving boxes on our church walls or in the mail and note the designation of your gift as intended for the “Pastor Bell Tapes Project”. The estimated cost to convert all tapes to digital MP3s and upload them to our SA page is about $25K (and that’s a major discount and hard to find: we looked around for many quotes and are ready to contract with a friend I worked with while in PA for seminary projects while I was a staff person as well as a student for five years right before you called me here). Thank you!