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The Word of God Alone Teaches Us About Our Creation Origins

May 19, 2024

Dear Saints, Anthony Selvaggio writes in his book, A Proverbs-Driven Life, “The Bible is nothing less than God’s impartation to us of everything we need to know on this earth about him, his ways, his purposes, his Son, and how we ought to live in relationship to him and to one another.”   So 2 […]

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Christians Are Those Who Accept Christ’s Authority by His Power

November 11, 2023

For Lord’s Day, November 12, 2023 Dear Saints, Bonse Aba, Mu Pokelela, Ba Lipele Maka Akuba Bana. Kuba Bana, Kuba Bana, Kuba Bana Baka Lesa. Muya Ya Ya, Muya Ya Ya, Muya Ya Ya, Bakwa Lesa. Don’t worry, I’m not “speaking in tongues!” 😉 I’m quoting a Zambian folk song that some of you heard […]

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Augustine’s Confessions: Wholeness in Christ

October 7, 2023

For Lord’s Day, October 8, 2023 Dear Saints, In our last devotion, we saw how Augustine began to come close to God by slowly losing hold of himself in sickness of himself until he came to the end of himself.  Next, in Book IX of his Confessions, he resigns from his worldly and important professorship […]

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Augustine’s Confessions: Sickness of Himself

September 23, 2023

For the Lord’s Day, September 24, 2023 Dear Saints, A while back I was saving up some quotes I highlighted out of Augustine’s Confessions for potential topical sermon ideas.  Well, I lost my idea of what I was thinking of doing with them all collected in a document on my desktop for nearly twelve months by […]

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When You Pick the Scriptures Up the Scriptures Pick You Up

September 16, 2023

For Lord’s Day, September 17, 2023 Dear Saints, Recently during our Wednesday night studies of the sixth petition of the Lord’s Prayer, the second half, “But Deliver Us from Evil,” with the Puritan Thomas Watson, we reviewed 13 means to use to be kept from the acts of sin.  I’d like to review number seven, […]

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Pastor Wallace A. Bell — 30 Years of Sermons Going from Cassettes to SermonAudio MP3s!

June 5, 2023

Dear Saints, I am happy to announce that we have begun to slowly convert audio cassettes “in-house” into digital form of sermons recorded during the 30-year ministry of the beloved Rev. Wallace A. Bell here at what is now called the Puritan Reformed Presbyterian Church (PRPC) to make his strong, Biblical preaching available to new […]

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Scary Exciting Faith Responses

February 25, 2023

For Lord’s Day, February 25, 2023, Dear Saints, A few weeks ago, I was nudging Gabriel along in the Church parking lot to get more used to riding his big boy bike with training wheels.  He took a while to let it take, as he kept insisting he was quite content with his little boy […]

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