Remember to Be Thankful and Give Thanks

For Lord’s Day, November 1, 2020

Beloved, remember last week when we studied that God is love and we should thus be like Him and love Him back. We saw in Luke 7:47 that this love for God is seen in thankfulness for His forgiveness and shown in how we return to Jesus and express an attitude of gratitude.

Yesterday when I picked up our “new” Honda Odyssey from the dealership service department, I was so impressed with what the staff person told me. He said the previous owner of our van was one of the most amazing clients he has: he even keeps his number in his cell phone. I knew by the CarFax history that the van had been brought regularly here to be serviced by the prior owner.

The staff person shared an example of this man’s character. Years ago, the previous owner of our van was standing in line waiting for service and overheard a woman talking with this service man about her car. It needed a timing belt replacement and he explained to her that it was necessary for her and others on the road to be safe. If she didn’t want the work done she should have it towed and get a taxi. She was very upset. She couldn’t pay for it but she wanted to be able to drive it away. This man, the previous owner of the van, quietly and privately inquired of the price and paid for the service. The staff person nearly shed tears telling me the story, and said he nearly did when this happened. He was clearly very very impressed with this man and what he did for this woman.

But the other thing that was very impressive to me was how disgusted he was with the lady. Because when he told her the service would be taken care of by an anonymous client who overheard the situation, she said nonchalantly, “Oh, OK, great.” He expressed how flabbergasted he was that she showed no serious gratitude and didn’t fully appreciate this amazing act of generous kindness. She didn’t ask to try and find the man, nor pass on a passionate thank you. She showed no significant gratitude. She just stopped complaining.

The first example of this man doing such a nice thing ($1,500!) was an incredible witness to this staff person (and based on a few things I saw left in the van I seriously suspect he is Christian). But the second example of the woman not appreciating such a generous thing ($1,500!) was a horrible witness to him.

Remember that in Luke 17:11-19 Jesus healed ten lepers but only one came back to thank Him and He approved this expression of thanks; but our Lord also took a disapproving note of the nine He also healed but who couldn’t be bothered to say thank you to Him.

Let us remember what 1 Thessalonians 5:18 teaches: In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Semper Reformanda,

Pastor Grant