Signs for the Senses

For Lord’s July 1, 2012

Dear Saints,

Thank you for your prayers for our safe travels on our vacation trip to and from Atlanta. We just returned last night, and it is great to enjoy the cool ocean breeze of the Pacific Ocean again after driving through the desert. We are looking forward to seeing and worshipping the Triune God with you all this Lord’s Day.

As we celebrate the Lord’s Supper after evening worship, let me share another nugget from Gordon Keddie to prepare your hearts for communing with Christ in His specially ordained way. In chapter 2, on “Visible Signs”, Keddie shares:

God acts in the Supper, precisely as the Holy Spirit speaking in the Word applies the truth represented in the sacrament to the believer’s heart … God acts in our actions, as these are faithfully expressed in our coming to the Supper. God enacts our blessing … His grace is conveyed to the believing soul, as he or she comes obediently, willingly and discerningly to the Table of the Lord.

These [sings of the bread and cup] visibly illustrate the written Word of God, by using signs to seal God’s promises to his people.

God’s beloved, know that there is something real and meaningful going on as we partake of the Lord’s Supper. What we are doing together is full of eternal life. While the bread and wine are symbols, they are not empty of meaning and efficacy. These signs are Christ’s way of truly communicating life-sustaining grace to us through all our senses. May we in all our senses, by faith, respond in thanksgiving and be fed more of the accomplished Covenant of Grace.

Semper Reformanda,

Pastor Grant