During the summer months, our men go out every Tuesday night two-by-two to homes nearby the church (Paradise Hills – San Diego, CA) distributing door hanger gospel tracts while endeavoring to share Jesus with those who will open their doors to us, and inviting folks to visit and sit under the preaching of the Gospel.  Men also go out together every second Lord’s Day of the month after morning worship to distribute these door hanger tracts.  We also have developed or purchased various other brochures, tracts, and cards to give all our people resources to share the Gospel and leave it behind with whom they have relations throughout the week in family, work, school, and society. Click here to see these materials.

We are thankful that God uses Reformed theology’s emphasis on God’s sovereignty in evangelism to motivate a liberated and concerted effort to labor for the harvesting of Christ’s elect out of the world and into His Kingdom.  For a good book on Reformed evangelism, see Richard Phillip’s book, Jesus the Evangelist.