Witnessing Tracts

Below are various materials we use for door-to-door outreach in our neighborhood, and relational evangelism in our lives.  If you would like to have the Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign files of any of these items sent to you to adjust and use with your church in your area, please contact us and we will be happy to email them to you (or, especially for InDesign, if you need us to make the changes before sending to you to print, we will do so at no charge). Scroll down to the bottom for links to other tracts we have used from Moments With the Book with our ink-stamped information on the back. Another good resource for Puritan and Reformed tracts and booklets (including in Spanish) is Chapel Library.

Five Solas Door Hanger: Front | Back
A.W. Pink’s Way of Salvation: Front | Back
Five Solas Tract: MS Word | Adobe InDesign
TULIP Tract: MS Word | Adobe InDesign
Good News Brochure: GoodNews Brochure Front | GoodNews Brochure Back