Family Life

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The church is not a social club, and it is more than an institution.  It is a covenant family of believers, the household of God.  Blood is thicker than water, and Christ’s blood unites more deeply than any other relation on earth.  So naturally, we spend a lot of our time together formally in our worship services, but also informally in fellowship and outings.  Following are some of our more formal get-togethers we enjoy as the family and body of Christ.  Join us!

IMG_0726Sabbath Evening Food and Fellowship:
Following the evening worship and teaching and memorization time, we go to the church’s Fireside room to enjoy conversations and a light meal from what everyone brings to share together.  All are welcome to join us.


Monthly fellowship events such as a movie nights, cook outs, beach bonfires, picnics, ferry rides on San Diego Bay, hikes, and ice cream socials.  As Reformed Presbyterians, we believe God works primarily through strong covenant families and federal headship, so our church events mainly include all family members.

IMG_0715Men’s Study
On the second Tuesday evening of the month — during the winter months when we do not do door-to-door evangelism — the men get together at the church for prayer and a study.  Sometimes a Bible study, and often a study through books and videos on topics such as evangelism, Biblical manhood, doctrine, and apologetics. Presently, we are going through Thomas Boston’s Human Nature in Its Fourfold State.


Ladies Meetings

On the third Thursday of the month, the ladies meet at one of the elders homes for fellowship.  One of the elders’ wives gives a lesson. Presently, they are going through Elizabeth George’s The Remarkable Women of the Bible.


Ladies Tea
The ladies also have a Secret Sister Gift Exchange.  Each year, the women draw a name of their Secret Sister and once a month they give them inexpensive anonymous gifts at church.  In May, they have a beautiful Ladies Tea brunch at which time the Secret Sisters are revealed.


Christian Biography Fellowship
Every quarter, one of the men shares about a missionary or some other person or movement in Christian history that he has studied (past or present).  These events help bolster us in our walk of faith by seeing the cloud of witnesses that have gone before us and are now cheering s on (Hebrews 11 – 12:1).  On these nights, the normally scheduled Bible Study and Prayer service is not held.  The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. and is followed by food and fellowship.

IMG_1940Harvest Dinner
This gathering is held on the Friday before Thanksgiving (the Wednesday service is cancelled on this week).  A short message by pastor and a delicious dinner is enjoyed together.


Puritan Feast
Maxwells2Held on a Friday evening the second week of May each year, this is an evening of fellowship over dinner (always including a fun theme for the meal and event chosen by the volunteer host) that includes a message by Pastor about the ministry of a Puritan (especially the Scottish Presbyterians) and entertainment by “The Puritans” band.