Announcement: Due to our Governor’s requirements related to the coronavirus pandemic spike, we will worship with assigned distance between the chairs and wear masks while singing and while in fellowship less than six feet from one another.  We also will open and close each service singing outdoors.  Visitors are welcome as they abide by these guidelines.  For an explanation of our position and procedure, see our article on Romans 13 here:  https://www.reformation21.org/blog/submit-to-the-government-serving-god-to-save-lives.  See also the conclusions at the bottom of this article.  Please see the following ways to join us for our live worship webcasts:

*Go to: www.sermonaudio.com/puritanchurch When we are live you will see the video on the top of this page.  Click on it and it will begin to stream.
*On our home page (www.puritanchurch.com) the live stream should hopefully be imbedded and “auto play” once you open that page.
*For those you know who may not use smart phones or computers and the internet, you can let them know to call this SermonAudio phone number: 712-432-3410.  Once dialed in, the person will need to type our SA code: 53205.   

In our long effort to become more Biblical and Confessional in our ecclesiology, we have recently (March, 2018) entered into the status of Affiliate Relations with the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly in the first formal step of seeking to join the denomination.  Please see our “About” page to learn more about developments toward this goal.

Welcome to the website of the Puritan Reformed Presbyterian Church (formerly the Puritan Evangelical Church) in San Diego (Paradise Hills), California! We are a conservative body of Reformed and Presbyterian believers who love and serve King Jesus.

We confess the Biblical Christian faith (Calvinism) and life as summarized in the original, historic Westminster Standards.  We endeavor to worship and serve Christ the Lord with the purity of doctrine and practice of the Puritans as our example.  The following quote speaks to what our name says about with whom we identify and who, by God’s grace, we are trying to be:

In this treatise “puritan” means a zealous, converted Protestant who actively seeks to give the Bible foremost authority in his life. The puritan is one who believes that he is saved from sin and the wrath of God, that he has received eternal life by faith in Jesus Christ, that by the grace of God he is a new man. His conviction is heartfelt, not merely intellectual, and he cares deeply about it. He strives for a new, godly life. The guide and authority for his new life is the Bible, understood and, as much as possible, followed in its literal sense … The puritans prove their reverence for Scripture by granting it the power to modify favored ideas … The puritans wanted to be Biblical Christians. They wanted to reform their society from the heart outward and they chose Biblical preaching as their chief tool.
— The Godly Household in Puritan Theology: 1560-1640, by Daniel M. Doriani (Ph.D. Thesis for Westminster Theological Seminary in Pa., 1986)

Service Times:
Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m., Resumes June 20 with a video series on Reformed Theology by RC Sproul led by Elder Maxwell.
Lord’s Day (Sunday) Worship: 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Weekly Lord’s Supper: After the Morning Service. Please Note: Communicant Members of PECA partake after every Lord’s Say evening service. Visitors who are baptized and covenanted communicant members participating in good standing within an evangelical church may partake after first visiting with the elders to share about their faith, fellowship, and understanding of the Lord’s Supper. Elders are available to meet following morning worship or before evening worship upon request.
Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study: 6:30 p.m.  Resumes June 16.  Pastor will begin leading us through his Membership Class on our Westminster Standards and other church distinctives (like using the KJV and exclusive psalmody).